Acrylic Print


Acrylic Print

This is the next big thing! Our new project called Acryluxe! This unique method combines top quality Lambda C-Print with the breathtaking result of the acrylic mounting, without any annoying spots, on a maximum size of 100x150cm! Furthermore Acryluxe can be digitally cut in any shape with our top market Zund G3. The first print option of the most famous photographers and artists around the world!

Acrylic 3/3
Acrylic 3/3 is an UV direct print method on the backside of a 3mm clear acrylic. Non glows or other adhesives are used between the print and the acrylic. At the end, a 3mm black glossy acrylic is mounted on the backside to protect the print and support the hanging system’s installation. This option can be used in a maximum size of 125x250cm and can be digitally cut in any shape!

C-Print face mount
C-Print face mount is available only for table-use sizes up to 20x30cm. We use an ultra clear film to mount a C-Print on the back side of a polished acrylic (usually with a thickness between 1cm to 3cm). A black silky paper at 300gr. on the backside is used for the finishing of the product. This is a unique option for office and home decoration. Furthermore this can be a perfect photo gift!

All our print services and products have a lifespan more than 65 years as this is defined by the manufacturers, provided that they maintained under strict conditions such as indoor space, no sunlight or radiation, temperature between 20˚C - 28˚C and 60% humidity).

Although Acryluxe Prints are impressively perfect, the printing process can result minor imperfections, especially in large formats.


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