Metal Print XF


ChromaLuxe Metal Print XF

This is the new generation Metal Print XF process, uses Sawgrass Sublijet HD Pro Photo XF inks and will be available very soon. ChromaLuxe is the leader of high definition surfaces. Manufacturing process for aluminium panels, uses the latest technology to provide the highest quality. Photolab invests in knowledge and high-end technology to ensure top quality prints.

The result of each print is breathtaking with rich, bright colours, strong contrast and sharpness. ChromaLuxe Metal Prints are available in three options, White Glossy, Clear Glossy and Clear Matte.

The biggest advantage of these prints, is that they remain durable and indestructible under any environmental condition. Through the process of dye sublimation, images are infused directly into the specially coated emulsion. No papers, adhesives or other materials are used. So they are not affected by extreme temperatures, heat or moisture. They are waterproof and even fireproof. It is the ultimate choice for applications that require durable materials, such as hotel and office decoration, as well as for photographic exhibitions or projects requiring top quality and durability.

Since 2014 Photolab is one of the 14 Certified ChromaLuxe Labs worldwide and we offer the best price around Europe! Make your first sample today or order on line your next project!

Metal Prints are appropriate only for indoor use. The new generation Metal Print XF process has a 64 years lifetime as this has been tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research. Photolab Athens is not responsible for any product fault during this 64 years period. The only responsible for the print lifetime period are the manufacture companies ChromaLuxe and Sawgrass, as long as Wilhelm Imaging Research.

Make a Sample

We know that you have doubts about the final result. How is it going to be printed? Is it going to be nice? Is my monitor ok? All these concerns will be addressed if you request a sample! We offer to our customers abroad, a free* sample at 20x30cm in order to check the final result before they print their project. Delivered in a beautiful box, your first experience with ChromaLuxe will be unforgettable!

The only thing you need to do, is to send us your file through our channel! Note “sample print” at the message area of, before you click the button “transfer”. Don’t forget to include your full name, address and contact information. Your sample print will be delivered in 2-3 days!

*you pay only 20€ (plus VAT) for the shipping cost. Companies and professionals who require invoice, are VAT excluded. Payment can be made through bank money transfer or PayPal. This service is available only for customers abroad.


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