Tecco Certified Print Center

Germany was the only country that had Tecco Certified Print Centers (T.C.P.C.), since May 2017 when Photolab Athens became the first T.C.P.C. in Greece, scored excellent results at the certification procedure! Read more about T.C.P.C. at the following Tecco's full press release:

“We at Tecco are proud to have Photolab Athens - one of Greece leading print service provider for artists and photographers - certified as our Tecco Certified Printing Center. Photolab Athens isn’t just our first T.C.P.C. in Greece, but they also passed our strict certification process with the highest possible score!

This Tecco Certification of Excellence’ is a quality control process that encourages printing operators to strive for excellence by using state of the art color management tools and high quality Tecco Photo Media (www.tecco.de).

The certification guarantees that the T.C.P.C. provides excellent print quality that differentiates them from the competition. It helps print buyers to find a print service provider that they can trust in terms of quality and consistency of their prints.

We are confident that Photolab Athens, under the leadership of Stratos Actidis and his talented team, will provide that excellence in printing service that every of our customers deserves.”

More information about the T.C.P.C. program: http://tecco.de/the-place-to-print-your-artwork/


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