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The lab

Photolab is one of the oldest and well known photo laboratories in Greece. Founded in 1979 by Nikos Actidis, a great pioneer in the photo market. The next generation of his family has now taken the lead, with his son Stratos Actidis as the CEO. Photolab has always been in the front row, from the age of darkrooms until today’s digital age. It is considered the most fully equipped and specialised lab in Greece and one of the best in Europe.

Photolab made its first steps in the market in 1979, the period of absolute analog photography. Since then, it has been investing in equipment, knowledge, best partners and human resources. By the late 1980’s Photolab was already one of Greece’s most diligent, efficient and quality photo laboratories. In the mid 1990’s Photolab’s team decided to introduce digital technology to its existing equipment and services. With the rise of digital technology, during the last 15 years Photolab’s structure, equipment and services completely changed. Digital hardware, printers, cutting systems and services are now a daily routine.

In 1987 Photolab was certified by Durst A.G. for its darkroom equipment quality and skills. Since 2014 it is one of ChromaLuxe’s fourteen official Certified Labs worldwide. In 2014 Photolab also received an honorable mention by awwwards for the design of its website. In 2018, Photolab became the first Tecco Certified Print Center in Greece, as it scored excellent results for its fine art test prints! In 2019 we became an Ilford Certified Printer Partner and since 2020 we have been a Hahnemuehle Certified Studio!

 In 1992 Photolab was the first lab to install one of the first ink jet printers in the Greek market. In the mid 1990’s, the lab had the Kodak LVT, one of the best film recorders. Since 1999 Photolab was first in Greece to be equipped with the Durst Lambda 130, the most superior printer worldwide. In 2008, Photolab was the first to apply the UV direct print method on acrylic surfaces. In 2014, Photolab became the first Greek Certified ChromaLuxe Lab. Additionally in 2014, it became the first lab equipped with a digital router.

Photolab is equipped with the best technology you can find worldwide. With eight different printers (Durst Lambda 130, Fujifilm Frontier 355, Mimaki JF 1631 UV, Epson P20000, Epson 9900, Epson SC 6200, Roland SJ 740, Konica Bizhub C6000), a digital cutter (Zund G3 250M), a large format heat press (Sefa PST 1510), laminators, digital scanners (Durst Sigma, Fujifilm Lanovia C550), colour management equipment (X-Rite i1 Display Pro, i1 io robotic spectrophotometer), all while using ultramodern computers with perfectly calibrated monitors.

Photolab’s team consists of a highly proficient and fully skilled staff. Our main goal is to provide friendly and best quality services to our clients. Our team is always ready to work with and for you, and to meet your expectations. Excellence is what we strive for!









"..our Product Managers Rainer Manger and Max Angerbauer are hard headed, typical German engineers who are difficult to impress! But they are really impressed with your outstanding TCPC certification prints.."

Florian KoehlerTecco GmbH | Germany

“..Universal Woods is very satisfied with the work that Photolab is doing by actively promoting our product in the greek market in a very professional and consistent way. Photolab is proving to be a worthy ambassador of our brand..“

Erik WiegmanManaging Director ChromaLuxe | Belgium

"..I appreciate their top quality and professionalism. Once again I would like to acknowledge the work of all the people who work behind the scenes to help us achieve perfection in our work."

Marina VernicosArtist | Greece

“..Photolab is a unique experience for me! The first approach is the quality of people that make the company and the second in the way they do their job. I am very happy to these people who understand me and protects my work with such sensitivity..“

Francois L’ HotelPhotographer | France

“..I firmly believe each artistic project should be a seamless marriage of tradition and innovation. When I first gazed at the samples of metal print on aluminium it blew me off completely..“

Marjan KrebeljArtist | Slovenia

“..Metal Print is the most impressive printing method I have ever seen. Top quality and amazing colour rendering. You must try it.."

Katerina VafeiaPhotographer | Greece

"..I would like to thank the Photolab team. Metal Print was a unique experience for me. They all do a great job and they are professionals..."

Antonis EleftherakisPhotographer | Greece


Certified Lab /

  • Hahnemuehle
  • Ilford
  • Tecco
  • ChromaLuxe
  • Durst

The Ilford, Tecco, ChromaLuxe, Durst & Hahnemuehle Certification program, is a quality control process that encourages printing operators to strive for excellence by using state of the art colour management tools and high quality media. The certification guarantees that the Ilford, Tecco, ChromaLuxe, Durst & Hahnemuehle Certified Printing Center provides excellent print quality that differentiates themselves from the competition. It helps print-buyers to find a print service provider that they can trust in terms of quality and consistency of their prints.