Product Lifespan

All of our print services and products have a lifespan more than 50 years as this is defined by the manufacturers, provided that they maintained under strict conditions such as indoor space, no sunlight or radiation, 20˚C - 28˚C temperature and 60% humidity. Any deviation to above may reduce the lifespan and affect the print quality. Under normal sunlight exposure, lifespan can be reduced to less than 10 years.

File Upload

You may easily upload your files through our wetransfer.com channel, by clicking here , or through the main menu, select “Services” - “File Upload”. Note at the “message” area of wetransfer.com, all the necessary info (name, contact information, etc) and as many details about the required application. When we receive your files, a download confirmation will automatically be delivered to your email account. Before we proceed with your project, we will inform you about the process and the total cost.

Online Order

Domestic or customers abroad, may easily set their order using our wetransfer.com channel. For the file upload procedure, follow the steps as they are described in the previous paragraph “File Upload”. When we receive your files and before we proceed with your order, you will be informed about the process and the total cost. Payment can be placed through bank money transfer and PayPal (see next “Payment Options” section). Depending on your shipping address, we will take care of the safest delivery option.

Payment Options

Photolab supports bank money transfer and PayPal payments for customers abroad. Furthermore cash payments (up to 500€), credit or debit cards (VISA and AMERICAN EXPRESS) and 6 interest-free instalments (for amounts more than 300€ - credit card required) are available for domestic customers. Our bank account information are detailed and available at the bottom of the home page. Our PayPal account is: paypal_payments@photolabathens.com

VAT Policy

Every domestic transaction has an extra value added tax of 24% for invoices or simple retail receipts. Customers abroad are excluded VAT only if they are companies or professionals with a valid VAT registration number and if the purchased products will be shipped to the country of the invoice. Private buyers are obliged to pay the extra cost of VAT, even if they are located abroad.

Packaging Policy

All paper prints are delivered in extra safe hard tubes. Rigid materials are always protected with special foam corners, cardboard and bubble wrap, in case of delivery via a private transportation company for domestic customers. In case of courier delivery within Greece or worldwide, rigid materials are always delivered in wooden box* for maximum protection.

*only some very small sizes, Metal Print samples and some other exceptions may be delivered by a different way. 


If your prints are protected by blue foam corners, don’t remove them until the final mounting on the wall. Don’t place your prints vertical without any protection because there is a high risk of edge damaging. For maximum safety, place your prints flat on a soft surface. Don’t use sharp tools during the unpacking. Always use cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints.

Metal Print Handling

Although Metal Prints are absolutely durable in most conditions, they need special care while handling. We suggest you not to remove the blue protection foam corners, until the final hanging on the wall. Don’t place Metal Prints vertical without the blue protection foam corners. For maximum safety, place Metal Prints flat on a soft surface until the final hanging.

Price list & cost calculation

Price list is available at our “Downloads” section (Main Menu - “Services” - “Downloads”). Prices don’t include VAT. For some services and sizes less than 0.7m², prices are calculated by a special algorithm and they contain a quantitative increment. Some extra large Metal Print sizes may contain a quantitative increment of 30%. Always consider to contact us in order to be informed about the cost of your order.

Colour Management

Photolab uses custom icc profiles to achieve an excellent print result. Customers may see differences if their monitor is not professionally calibrated by appropriate instruments. The print result is usually at 90% close to the file. Check the next paragraphs for more information on how to setup your working flow and your monitor closer to our production.

Monitor condition check

You can check your monitor condition by following the next steps. Download the “Monitor Reference” file at our “Downloads” section (Main Menu - “Services” - “Downloads”). Contact us in order to send you a free* print reference of this file. When you receive it, compare what you see on your monitor with the printed one. Note that your lighting conditions should be native (5000K to 5500K light temperature and 80-120cd/m² luminance). If there are minor differences, your monitor is in an acceptable condition. If there are major differences you should require for a monitor calibration with a professional instrument. Photolab offers monitor calibration service for domestic customers.

*free print reference is available only for domestic customers. Customers abroad pay 20€ (plus VAT) for the shipping cost. Companies and professionals who require invoice, are VAT excluded. Payment can be made through bank transfer or PayPal.

Icc Profiles Conversion

We share with our customers the icc profile of each available paper. You can easily download each of them at our “Downloads” section (Main Menu - “Services” - “Downloads”). When you download the desired icc profile, right click on the file icon and select “Install”. Then go to the Adobe Photoshop, open your files and choose “Edit” - “Convert to profile”. At the drop down menu, choose the downloaded icc profile and press ok.