Face Mount


Acrylic Face Mount

C-Print face mount is available only for table-use sizes up to 20x30cm. We use an ultra clear film to mount a C-Print on the back side of a polished acrylic (usually with a thickness between 1cm to 3cm). A black silky paper at 300gr. on the backside is used for the finishing of the product. This is a unique option for office and home decoration. Furthermore this can be a perfect photo gift!

All of our print services and products have a lifespan more than 50 years as this is defined by the manufacturers, provided that they maintained under strict conditions such as indoor space, no sunlight or radiation, 20˚C - 28˚C temperature and 60% humidity. Any deviation to above may reduce the lifespan and affect the print quality. Under normal sunlight exposure, lifespan can be reduced to less than 10 years.