Digital Cutting


Digital Cut

Since 2013 Photolab offers exceptional productivity and unsurpassed cut quality, using the best market Zünd G3 cutting system. This is the result of a great combination between intelligent control technology and precision mechanics. Perfectly coordinated, all system components are guaranteed for the best. Photographic, architecture, designing, industrial and commercial applications, materials like plastic, acrylic, wood, fabric, magnet, aluminium, paper, cardboard, vinyl and more, can be easily cut, shaped or engraved, on a low cost and excellent result. We support any application on materials up to 125x250cm and 5cm thick.

Note, that our Zund G3 is a router cutter so it is not appropriate for extra small applications or vector details less that 2mm. In that case you need a laser cutting system.

Countless Options

Discover countless options! Creasing (1), v-cut (2), engraving (3), fabric (4), rigid materials (5) and much more applications can be easily implement with precision and high quality!

Zund G3

Since 2013, the best market digital cutter at your service!

Ideas & Applications