Finishing Options

Photolab offers you a variety of rigid materials for photo mounting. Kapa™, Foam PVC, Aluminium composite and any other appropriate custom material can be used as well. All of our available products have specific characteristics and are recommended for certain use.

The most famous brand of light weight panels. Available with gray core at 1cm thick, Kapa™ is recommended only for small sizes and short period commercial applications.In large sizes there is a risk of warping. Not recommended for exhibitions or art projects. 

Foam PVC sheet 3mm (no hanging system)
This is a pvc based, rigid and light weight material. 3mm white option, is the most economic way for good quality and more durable photo mounting. Appropriate for small sizes (less than 50x75cm). In this option, hanging system is not included. Good choice for presentations and short period use applications. Not recommended for exhibitions or art projects.

Foam PVC sheet 3mm (hanging system)
A very good option for sizes up to 50x75cm. With this option you will have the advantages of Foam PVC in an extra competitive price. Recommended for short period applications and medium level exhibitions and art projects.

Aluminium composite
Light weight aluminium panel with pvc core at 3mm thick. The best product for photo mounting. Available for sizes up to 148x300cm. Hanging system is included by default. Appropriate for any use, aluminium composite is the ultimate option.

Custom materials
A variety of custom materials can be used for photo mounting. We always check the characteristics of your material before we move on to the next step. Note that Photolab is not responsible for any material fault. We guarantee only for our available products.  

Hanging system
There are three different hanging options. The “keyhole” system for small sizes (up to 25x38cm), the “simple” system for medium sizes and the “rail” system for all the rest. Depending on the sizes and any possible particularity, Photolab always ensures the best combination.

Packaging Policy

All paper prints are delivered in extra safe hard tubes. Rigid materials are always protected with special foam corners, cardboard and bubble wrap, in case of delivery via a private transportation company inside Greece. In case of courier delivery inside Greece or worldwide, rigid materials are always delivered in wooden box* for maximum protection.

*only some very small sizes, Metal Print samples and some other exceptions may be delivered by a different way.