Ink Jet


Commercial Ink Jet

Wide format eco solvent ink jet print in a variety of materials such as banners, posters, vinyls, wallpaper and more, for architectural drawings, construction plans, commercial prints and any other large format artwork or signage. This method is more economic than other print methods such as C-Print, Fine Art or UV, for most short-run (low quantity) print projects. Appropriate for outdoor use.

All of our print services and products have a lifespan more than 50 years as this is defined by the manufacturers, provided that they maintained under strict conditions such as indoor space, no sunlight or radiation, 20˚C - 28˚C temperature and 60% humidity. Any deviation to above may reduce the lifespan and affect the print quality. Under normal sunlight exposure, lifespan can be reduced to less than 10 years.

Available Materials

The most common banner material for a lot of applications. Available up to 160cm roll width.

Polyester Banner Matte
Banner material with polyester base and textured surface. Available on 107cm roll width.

Cloth polyester
Polyester based white printable cloth for decoration purposes. Available up to 180cm width.

Vinyl Satine
Sticky Vinyl appropriate for a lot of applications such as wallpaper, decoration, signage, kiss cutting and more. Available up to 137cm width.

Vinyl Matte Premium
Premium sticky matte vinyl appropriate for a lot of indoor applications such as wallpaper, decoration, signage, kiss cutting and more. Available up to 107cm width.

Polyester Matte Premium Paper
Premium matte paper with polyester base for a variety of applications. Available on 127cm roll width.

Canvas Glossy
Commercial cotton canvas with glossy emulsion. Extra durable and appropriate for outdoor use. Available up to 152cm width.

Premium medium textured banner for indoor or outdoor use. Available up to 160cm width.

Premium medium textured wallpaper material indoor use. Available up to 130cm width.