Interior Decoration


Interior Decoration

Photolab offers you a variety of options for hotel, restaurant, office, home and shop interior decoration. Choose over the best printing and digital routing materials for this use and you will be impressed by the outcome!

ChromaLuxe Metal Print is the ultimate choice for any kind of interior decoration due to its top features. No papers, glows, adhesives or any other materials are used, which means that your final product will be extra durable, water resistant, not affected by environmental conditions like humidity, extreme temperatures etc. It is worth to mention that you can even light a fire on the emulsion without any risk! ChromaLuxe Metal Print is actually a printing revolution that transforms your photos to a vivid work of art, highly recommended for hotel and office interior decoration projects.

Equally impressive results you may have over Acrylic prints, although less durable. Their main advantage is the large size of printing, with maximum available dimension of 160x300cm. Furthermore C-Print, Fine Art and UV print on custom materials may expand your options for the best result!

Last but not least, you can try our new digital cutter and create even more fascinated structures that meet the taste of yours! Just use your imagination and create logos, letters, shapes or thousands of other applications in a numerous of materials such as wood, plastic, paper, acrylic and much more.