UV Print


UV Direct Print

UV direct print method has been named by the Ultra Violet lamp that printers use to “freeze” instantaneously the inks into any custom surface. Extra durable even for outdoor use, UV direct prints can be applied to an endless variety of materials (rigid or not), such as glass, wood, pvc, acrylic, aluminium, non coated papers and more. Photolab provides UV direct prints in a maximum size of 160x300cm and 5cm material thickness. Depending on each project you can choose white ink option or not.

All of our print services and products have a lifespan more than 50 years as this is defined by the manufacturers, provided that they maintained under strict conditions such as indoor space, no sunlight or radiation, 20˚C - 28˚C temperature and 60% humidity. Any deviation to above may reduce the lifespan and affect the print quality. Under normal sunlight exposure, lifespan can be reduced to less than 10 years.