Giclee Fine Art


Giclee Fine Art

The word giclée was adopted by printmaker Jack Duganne. He wanted a name for the new type of prints he was producing on a large-format, high-resolution industrial prepress proofing inkjet printer that he had adapted for fine-art printing. In fact he was looking for a word that would not have the negative connotations of "inkjet" or "computer generated". It is based on the French word gicleur, which means "nozzle”. It is often used by artists, galleries, and print shops to suggest high quality printing but since it is an unregulated word it has no associated warranty of quality.

Fine art prints use fiber based papers printed by ink jet plotters. Photolab applies this method since 2006. Now days we use an 11-ink Epson 9900 and the brand new 9-ink Epson P20000, which offers you breathtaking fine art prints in sizes up to 162cm width. With a variety of smooth, medium or heavy textured fine art papers, giclee can be your best option for fiber based prints.

All of our print services and products have a lifespan more than 50 years as this is defined by the manufacturers, provided that they maintained under strict conditions such as indoor space, no sunlight or radiation, 20˚C - 28˚C temperature and 60% humidity. Any deviation to above may reduce the lifespan and affect the print quality. Under normal sunlight exposure, lifespan can be reduced to less than 10 years.

Extra Large Sizes

Taking the advantage of our new best market fine art printer Epson P20000, we offer you extra large, breathtaking print sizes! Maximum width 150cm!

Best Market Printers

Two of the best market fine art printers, Epson 9900 and Epson P20000, are ready to serve you. This high end technology and the colour management process will take your prints to the highest quality level!

Tecco Certified Print Center

The TECCO Certification of Excellence is a quality control process that encourages printing operators to strive for excellence by using state of the art colour management tools and high quality TECCO PHOTO media. The certification guarantees that the TECCO Certified Printing Center (T.C.P.C.) provides excellent print quality that differentiates themselves from the competition. It helps print-buyers to find a print service provider that they can trust in terms of quality and consistency of their prints. Photolab Athens is the only T.C.P.C. in Greece and one of a few worldwide, scored excellent results at TECCO’s print tests!

Available Materials

Premium Start
Tecco natural white, non textured paper at 160gr. The entry level giclee paper. Available on 43-61-111cm roll width.

Rough Paper
Medium textured paper at 200gr by Tecco. Ideal for your first fine art printings. Available on 111cm roll width.

Fine Art Canvas Matte
Tecco fine art, cotton canvas bright white at 360gr. Available on 43-61-111-152cm roll width.

Pastel (warm / cold)
Tecco warm tone or cold white, smooth textured paper at 240gr. Available on 43-61-111-152cm roll width.

Top Deco
Medium textured paper at 220gr by Sihl. Our best selling paper! Available on 45-65-111cm roll width.

Natural white, smooth textured paper at 200gr by Hahnemuhle. Available on 43-61-111cm roll width.

Photo Luster
Tecco luster paper at 250gr. Similar to light sensitive C-Print matte paper, we recommend it for large formats, black & white prints or files with high saturated colours. Available on 61-111-152cm roll width.

Tecco fibre-based paper with smooth silky surface at 270gr. Available only on 111cm roll width.

Crystal Glossy
Super glossy, warmtone, non textured paper at 290gr by Ilford. The ultimate choice for bright colours and high contrast. Available on 111cm roll width.

Super glossy, non textured paper at 260gr by Ilford. It provides a “meatllic” effect that fits excellent with a variety of images. Available on 111cm roll width.

Textured Rag
Tecco fine art, heavy textured rag paper at 300gr. Available on 61-111cm roll width.

Smooth Artist
Tecco fine art, medium textured paper at 200gr. Available only on 152cm roll width.

Tesuki Washi Handmade Paper
Handmade, heavy textured, fine art, warm tone paper, with rough edges at 110gr. A unique product with the stamp of Ilford. Available only on sheets 33x48cm and 66x96cm.