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Minilab c-print

The best and low cost option for high quality c-print on light sensitive paper!

Chromogenic RGB laser print on light sensitive paper, glossy or matte. Frontier is one of the best mini labs worldwide, which offers the highest quality in sizes up to 25x38cm. Accurate and productive, minilab Frontier provides C-Printing in the lowest price.

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Minilab c-prints have a lifespan of up to 50 years or even more, as defined by the certifications provided by the manufacturing companies, without these being at the same time lifetime guarantee and this because there can be no control as to the conditions in which the prints are exposed at the end.

These certifications tests have been carried out under specific exposure conditions, such as indoor use, no sunlight or uv radiation, 20˚C – 28˚C temperature, 60% humidity and absence of environmental or other air pollution. Any deviation from the above can reduce the lifespan and affect the quality of the prints. Under normal conditions of sun exposure (direct or even reflected), the lifespan can be reduced to less than 5 years. Photolab Athens informs about the certifications of each method by the manufacturing companies, but does not guarantee the lifetime of the prints.

Available finish

  • Glossy
  • Luster

Available fixed sizes

  • 9x13cm
  • 10x15cm
  • 13x13cm
  • 13x18cm
  • 13x19cm
  • 15x15cm
  • 15x21cm
  • 15x22cm
  • 20x20cm
  • 20x25cm
  • 20x30cm
  • 25x25cm
  • 25x30cm
  • 25x38cm










Certified Lab /

  • Hahnemuehle
  • Ilford
  • Tecco
  • ChromaLuxe
  • Durst

The Ilford, Tecco, ChromaLuxe, Durst & Hahnemuehle Certification program, is a quality control process that encourages printing operators to strive for excellence by using state of the art colour management tools and high quality media. The certification guarantees that the Ilford, Tecco, ChromaLuxe, Durst & Hahnemuehle Certified Printing Center provides excellent print quality that differentiates themselves from the competition. It helps print-buyers to find a print service provider that they can trust in terms of quality and consistency of their prints.