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Digital offset

Digital Offset printing is an alternative to traditional offset printing, appropriate for high quality and low quantity projects.

Digital offset focuses on customers who demand high quality and low quantity projects. Using toner instead of ink, digital offset can be a useful print option. This is how it works:

A laser beam projects an image of the page to be printed, onto an electrically charged cylindrical drum. Photoconductivity allows the charged electrons to fall away from the areas exposed to light. Powdered ink (toner) particles are then electrostatically attracted to the charged areas of the drum, that have not been laser-beamed. The drum then transfers the image onto paper (which is passed through the machine) by direct contact. Finally the paper is passed onto a finisher, which uses intense heat to instantly fuse the toner/image onto the paper.

Photolab supports any kind of print in sizes up to SRA3 (32x45cm) and 300gr paper weight. Posters (up to SRA3), invitations, flyers, brochures, presentation concepts, small packaging and more. We offer you the best quality by calibrating every paper separately. Perrakis Papers is our supplier, offering you countless paper options!