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Monitor calibration

Monitor calibration is one of the most important steps for the best editing, colour management and print process of your files!

The correct setup of our monitor helps us to edit and process our files correctly as well as to know in advance how they will be printed in the laboratory we work with.

The adjustment of the screen is done through a special instrument (spectrophotometer). When we defining the target data, the instrument measures the monitor and adjusts it accordingly. To achieve the best result, the lighting conditions in your workplace should be stable and neutral. For example, the working space should have lighting that does not change depending on the light during the day (that means, artificial lighting should always be greater in intensity than natural lighting). Also, the color temperature of the lighting should be neutral (daylight – 5500K).

All colour management systems achieve a result very close to the final request (regarding either to what we see on the screen, or the final print), usually in a percentage between 87% – 92%.

In order to be able to visualise the final print, the laboratory should provide, and then use custom made output icc profiles, regarding the colour identity of each material.

Photolab takes care of the monitor calibration of your monitor. All you have to do is make an appointment with us. The process takes place at our headquarters in Holargos and you should bring the monitor and the central unit with you.

The cost for the monitor calibration is €50 (+VAT).